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Our focus is to bring the community quality modded apps that can run as a daily driver.

Lynx has many modded apps starting with Kik, Spotify, Pandora. Our modded apps wide selection of customization options, functions, and is even themable out of the box

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This is the current list of the apps we have modded/made.

Modded Kik Modded Instagram Modded Spotify Modded Pandora Modded CrunchyRoll Donate
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We are a 'team' of designers, developers, who makes modded apps for the community.

If you are interested in joining our team, please fill out the form found here:

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We are currently looking to expand the ideas and mod development of Lynx.

This growth allowed us to see many of the needs our fellow community members had, and sparked an idea to allow us all to succeed in the future. This inspired us to start our journey into making that happen, with the intent to enable the development community like never before.

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